Ideje za generalna pravila Decentrale

Posto sam napravio thread za ideje o statutu Decentrale, rekoh da napravimo i za generalna pravila zajednice.

Slobodno pisite sve ideje i komentare na njih.

General Philosophy

The rules assume an anarchic Philosophy where practical.


Meetings shall default to 30 minutes, once every two weeks on a
Saturday, but can change to any time the members agree upon. Any meeting
at unreasonable times must have unanimous agreement.
Reasonable hours are the weekend between 12:00 and 19:00, and weekdays, from 18:00 till 20:00.

Anyone can abstain from voting, and they still count as being part of
the quorum.

Minute Keeper

Each meeting requires one person to volunteer to take minutes.

Rule Breaches

All infractions must be dealt with by a vote. No reprisals can take
place without a vote. Voting requires over half the active members, and
everyone involved can demand at least 5 minutes to speak, divided as
they please.

Minor Infractions

  1. Don’t spam.

Medium Infractions

  1. No bigotry.
  2. Respect people’s personal space.

Major Infractions

  1. Don’t touch people when they don’t want you to.


A vote should be held before any offences.

Minor Infractions

The person is requested to stop, then may be banned for one month.

Medium Infractions

Someone should write to request the person stop. If this continues, the
person must leave forever. A new vote can be called a year later.

Major Infractions

The person must leave forever.