Soft Server (plus additional text because the title has to be over fifteen characters well here you go, are you happy? Look at all these characters! Next time I'll just append Fortune until we're good)

Шта мислите о софт серверу за децетралу?

То мој

ssh -p 2222

Је прост и лако инсталирати.


Haha I love the title.

This service is awesome, I think it looks beautiful. We should put it up, maybe during next hackathon (we should organize one on the beginning of every month).

Btw we only have one server still and due to some limitations of the ISPs router, we can’t forward any more ports on it. Is anyone interested to be hosting another server? And does anyone have a raspberry pi,pc or a server that they are not currently using?

I’m using my raspberry pi, but I can add services to it.

Are you talking physical ports?

What do we need them for?

No, virtual ports. We need to port forward ssh if we want to host soft server.

We can host some backups on your raspberry pi then.

Since you already have soft server running, we can point a subdomain like to your ip

Unfortunately, my router cannot forward port 22 (I’ve emailed my ISP, will be fixed in the week or never).

So mine’s stuck for now on port 2222. But feel free to forward if it’s still useful. Whoever needs admin access will need to send me their external ssh key - it cannot be rsa, so I recommend ed25519

(you can generate this with ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C email@address.tld)

Ok, it’s still useful in my opinion. Just add -p 2222 to ssh command, no big deal.