Newbie- Visiting the space?

my name is Jon, I’m a member of TAMI hackerspace in Tel Aviv.
I found Decentrala through Hackerspace Wiki, I’d love to come visit sometime if it’s cool. :slight_smile:

I’m not very knowledgeable in decentralized tech, but my day job is as a Unity/VR developer. I also do some immersive art stuff (esp32/WLED/simple PCB design).
Maybe I can even do an (English language) leds or Unity workshop sometime if people are interested.

Mostly looking to meet cool people and perhaps find a place to hack on some side projects.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi Jon!

We would love to meet you when you come and visit. We mostly have events on mondays and tuesdays at DC Krov from 19h. You can come anytime :slight_smile:

We only show programs that are free and open source, other than that, there are no real requirements. Workshops don’t even have to be IT based, as long as no proprietary services are involved.If you want to show Godot or some other free and open source game engine, we would really love that.

Looking forward to meeting you soon as well :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!

I don’t know Godot unfortunately, but I do use WLED quite often which I’d be happy to demo if anyone is interested.
It’s an awesome FOSS platform for controlling addressable LEDs from Esp32s/8266’.

Also brought a DIY oscilloscope kit which could be cool to assemble if theres a soldering bench which is OK to use :smiley:

Is the space generally open for visitors in certain days/times, or only when events are scheduled?

Hello Jon,
I think there arepeople interested in WLED.

Decentrala’s events are usually held on Monday and Tuesday evenings at social club Krov. I think Krov have events during whole week. So, you can come to the Krov any evening, but you will find the Decentrala members only at the start of week (:

We have space for welding, but I would say it is not ideal (maybe we will soon change that, with some hardware upgrades). Also, I am not sure if there is a good soldering iron at the Decentrala.

What oscilloscope kit do you plan do assemble? The Decentrala should soon buy one oscilloscope, so we are looking into different solutions.

You said that you are an Unity developer. A few monts ago we had a lecture on the OpenGL fragment shaders, and probably there will be another one. If you like to write in the GL language, you can talk about shaders also. But regardless of OpenGl, I think lot of our members and visitors are interested in digital arts, so we are generally interested in your work.

Excellent, I should be free on Tuesday eve. :slight_smile:

I rarely ever write shaders but would love to learn more myself.

And the oscilloscope is a super simple DIY kit, mostly for fun and practicing soldering.

Would LOVE an ESP8266 talk if you are familiar with it (and if mine finally arrives some day :smiling_face_with_tear:)


Mmmmm really depends on the depth you’re looking for I think.
I use Esp32 dev boards a lot (and brought a few with me)

I’m farmiliar with setting up and compiling for esp32 with vscode+PIO / Arduino IDE (mostly on windows) and some development with Arduino framework libraries.

For art projects involving leds I usually use WLED which doesn’t require much custom code.

I’m not as familiar with the low level stuff (ESP-IDF, Multitasking, interrupts, optimization, electrical considerations, etc.)

In any case if you want to play with an Esp32 you’re welcome to borrow one :slight_smile:

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