Iz knjige Mutual Aid o edukacionim drustvima

Knjigu i ovaj tekst mozete naci na: Mutual aid : Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni͡azʹ, 1842-1921 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Knjiga je objavljena 1902 i prica o prirodnim tendecijama ljudi i drugih zivotinja da se uzjamno pomazu i o tome koliko je to bitan faktor u evoluciji. Takodje daje dosta primera iz istorije i u raznim drustivima i tada aktivnim koja funkcionisu na ovim principima.

We cannot omit, even in this rapid review, the thousands of scientific, literary, artistic, and educational societies. Up till now, the scientific bodies, closely controlled and often subsidized by the State, have generally moved in a very narrow circle, and they often came to be looked upon as mere openings for getting State appointments, while the very narrowness of their circles undoubtedly bred petty jealousies. Still it is a fact that the distinctions of birth, political parties and creeds are smoothed to some extent by such associations ; while in the smaller and remote towns the scientific, geographical, or musical societies, especially those of them which appeal to a larger circle of amateurs, become small centres of intellectual life, a sort of link between the little spot and the wide world, and a place where men of very different conditions meet on a footing of equality. To fully appreciate the value of such centres, one ought to know them, say, in Siberia. As to the countless educational societies which only now begin to break down the State’s and the Church’s monopoly in education, they are sure to become before long the leading power in that branch. To the “Froebel Unions” we already owe the Kindergarten system ; and to a number of formal and informal educational associations we owe the high standard of women’s education in Russia, although all the time these societies and groups had to act in strong opposition to a powerful government. As to the various pedagogical societies in Germany, it is well known that they have done the best part in the working out of the modern methods of teaching science in popular schools. In such associations the teacher finds also his best support. How miserable the overworked and underpaid village teacher would have been without their aid !