Intro to 3D printing 30/01/2024

Dive into the fundamentals of 3D printing as we guide you through the essential concepts and terminology. From understanding filament types to grasping the intricacies of CAD (Computer-Aided Design), this workshop lays a strong foundation for your exploration into the world of three-dimensional fabrication.

Core Concepts in 3D Printing: We’ll break down the fundamentals of 3D printing, slicing software and post processing. No unnecessary jargon – just the essential knowledge to get you started printing.

Navigating FreeCAD: Cut through the clutter and get hands-on with FreeCAD. We’ll guide you through the basics, including sketching, part design and 3D printing prep. Understand how the open nature of FreeCAD allows customization and extension, putting you in control of your designs.

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Drago mi je da ste uzivali ljudi, izvinjavam se za kasno slanje slajdova. Nema nesto neta na Kubi hahah

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jeftinija verzija RPi OctoPi-a sa ESP8266


Calibration guide

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Podcast epizoda sa osnivacem octo print projekta