Fwd: Greenbridge / Trikala (GR)

Hello Decentrala!

My name is Stelios, writing to you from Greece. I found your contact details in the hackerspaces wiki. After browsing through your website and understanding your overall approach, I felt I should write to you and kindly introduce our project, Greenbridge.

Greenbridge is a non-profit project aiming to bring the hacker, creative arts and animal welfare communities closer to each other. The main vehicle we have to pursue our objectives is a 100m2, physical space in Trikala, central GR which serves many purposes: it works as a hackerspace, an art venue (hosting acoustic concerts, theatre, dance & stand up comedy), but also a guesthouse which can host visitors.

So far we have mostly been organising art events - concerts and theatre. We are actively looking for people from the hacker community who would be interested in visiting Greenbridge, staying with us for a few days and organise a workshop, lecture or something similar at our space. If you or people in your network are interested please ping me for more information!

Many thanks!


Kalimera :smiley:

Thanks for contacting us! We can discuss this on our next meeting, you can hop on our xmpp channel xmpp:decentrala@conference.dmz.rs?join so we can also talk there.

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E nisu se javili na forum, to je nalog od dmz@dmz.rs naloga. Poslali su nam tu mail i ja samo forwardovao na forum

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Relja da snima, Dzoni da pusta muziku, @Goodv1bes da pravi zdruzeni haos

Poslao sam im:

Hey Stelios,

Sorry for late reply, we had a meeting to discuss this. We are interested to learn more about this and would love to visit to meet you in person. Most of use are currently in Belgrade and we would have to organize,find a place to stay and gather funds for a trip to visit you. If you are ever in Belgrade, let us know.

We could maybe organize some online event as well, to save on travel expenses, since most of us are students.

Last month we worked with artists in Belgrade to organize a series of workshops and events and we felt it was quite productive, so working with more artists sounds great.

All the best,


Odgovorili su sa:

Hi guys,

great to hear from you! yes, you are very welcome to come visit and organise a workshop/event or something similar at our space. As Greenbridge will be closed during July and August, perhaps we can keep in touch and try planning your visit from September onwards. Depending on how many of you think about coming over, you can potentially all fit at Greenbrigdge. There's enough space to host 3-4 people. Looking at the maps, the distance between Belgrade and Trikala is 800 km, so you could potentially drive down, it takes about 10 hours.

In the meanwhile, perhaps you could start thinking about what you would like to do here? We are particularly interested in hosting stuff that combines as much as possible of creative arts, FLOSS/hacker content and stuff related to animal rights/welfare.

We are also open to hosting something online, so hit us up with your ideas. Having said that, we'd definitely prefer physical presence. Greenbridge puts a lot of effort in making meaningful connections with good people in 3-dimensional spaces!

Speak soon