Dobili smo poruku od Feral Crust

Dobili smo poruku na mail od . Poruka deluje legitimna, dosla je od IP-a sa riseup servera i validno je potpisana sa DKIM kljucem od njihovog servera.

Osim facebook stranice imaju i sajt na

U poruci traze uglavnom finansijsku pomoc za njihov projekat gradjenja kuce na Filipinima.

Hi comrades,

Solidarity Greetings and hope u are well.

We are Feral Crust Collective, an anarchist-run space and land project
in the Philippines.

Would you mind if we ask for mutual support from you and your
comrades/collective/organization who might be interested with regard to
our land project main community house ?

We just began building a community house that is fully concrete with a
size 22 ft x 20 ft 2 levels/floor, up
and down aiming for stability and long-term usage. The community house
project will be a shelter for visitors/guests of all ages-farmers and
indigenous friends and their families and friends in the city,
volunteers, and travelers from Philippines and overseas; we would be
very happy to accommodate everyone when the house is complete.

Finally, we have now decided to collectively build a concrete house that
will able to last longer than wooden structures responding to climate
conditions(moisture and foggy weather) here at our place. Unfortunately,
our existing bamboo and coconut lumber house still stands but is already

Any small amount of financial donation that you may able to help pay for
needed additional construction material and to pay wage for skilled and
labor (our farmer and builder friends), we are desperately in need at
this time. We are hoping that you can fill in some financial help we are
needing at these times. We highly appreciate your kind consideration.

Herewith is link/update to our land project:

Let's stay in touch and hopefully you could able to visit our place
anytime so we can directly meet in person and can work together and
learn from each other and exchange fruitful connection and friendships.

Lots of gratitude,

Mhel in behalf of Feral Crust

Odgovrio sam im i trazio detalje za uplatu i naveli su mail za Paypal. Ne znam da li je dobro da ga podelim javno ovde?

Hi all comrades Decentrala,

Thank you so much for extending solidarity to our land project needs.
For now we are building a main house so we can offer a space for anyone
who wanted to visit, volunteer and stay not limited to comrades in the
anarchist/non authoritarian network in the Philippines and overseas but
also our families, farmer and builder friends and their families. We are
creating a kind of autonomous zone aspiring for both economic upliftment
and subsistence and ecological conservation/protection.

Hopefully that someday in the near future you could able to visit us and
experience staying at our place and we can altogether meet each other in
person to. Decentrala folks are more that welcome to our place that we
wanna create altogether.

Financial support we desperately need right now so we can able to
complete the requirement of our house construction and all the things
will be tied together with the help of our farmer and builder friends
and among our comrades in the autonomous community.

We do have a Paypal account that you can use to send solidarity money.

Herewith is our Paypal account:


Let's stay in touch comrades and we thank you very much for your help
with our need/proposition.

Much love and solidarity,
Mhel in behalf of Feral Crust