Cryptopals u Decentrali

Hello all!

For some time I have wanted to organize a practical cryptography workshop in Decentrala. The workshop will follow the structure of the Crytopals Challenge: for 7 weeks we will solve problem sets given on the site (and maybe some more). (We will probably skip the last week because is math heavy :upside_down_face:)

The plan is to meet once a week and discuss problems that we solved at home. Of course, we can solve together some of the problems in Krov, but I think there will not be enough time for every problem (also, it is best to solve the problem by yourself). I will use Go for my solutions, but you can use whatever language you fancy (it is only important to support arbitrary large integer arithmetic). The discussion will be held in English or Serbian, depending on the attendees.

You don’t need experience in modern cryptography or higher math. We should learn everything as we go.

I wanted to see how many people would be interested in attending these events if they were organized in August. Please respond below with which weekday would be perfect for you. For me, Sunday mornings seem perfect, because we have a lot of time to stay and discuss solutions.

  • Monday 19h
  • Tuesday 19h
  • Sunday 10h
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videcu da dodjem kada bude bilo, dopada mi se inicijativa


I plan to abuse Rust or Haskell for this. A very unlikely third option for me is Go.

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I think Haskell would be a great choice (operators and Num typeclass ftw). I would probably choose it too, but with Go go everyone will be able to easily follow my code

I think it is good if we implementations in different languages. That way we can test eachothers

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