COTM Mart 2024

Novi mesec za zanimljivosti.

Pwnagatchi o kom smo pricali ako nekoga zanima:
Repo koji je koji se trenutno najvise maintenuje:

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Lista cyberpunk/hacking stripova:

Wizzywig - All the best parts of your favorite IRL hackers rolled into one kid. Follows a kid who becomes enamored with hacking culture and becomes one of the most legendary hackers of his time. It is very faithful to the real history of social engineering, phreaking, and hacking.

Ghost in the Shell - The original manga is everything that you’d want out of a hacking/cyberpunk comic. I thought the official English translation was better than the scanlations I originally read. The first arc deals with a super-hacker who has been hacking human minds but there is a huge plot twist that really differentiates the story from the typical mind hacking storylines.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - Faithful retelling of the story that Blade Runner was loosely based off. This was a beautiful surprise as I’m a huge fan of PKD.

Elephantmen - Hybrid animal-humans are created by an evil corporation as a private army. The UN finds out and wages a costly war to free the hybrids, rehabilitates them, and releases them into the general population. Deals with a lot of familiar cyberpunk themes like “what does it mean to be human”?

The Coffin - Mad scientist creates a prototype suit that traps the human soul, thereby letting someone live forever. He is attacked and forced to climb into the prototype in order to live. The rest of the story deals with him getting his revenge, attempting to rescue his daughter, and dealing with the idea that he might potentially live forever. Very reminiscent of Darkman.

Think Tank - Super-genius/slacker-hacker is behind held by the government to create weapons of mass destruction. He figures out a way to hack a project to read minds and decides to escape. The first volume is about how he escapes using his mind and hacks.

Darkminds - Basically, Ghost in a Shell redone by Pat Lee. Probably one of the most cliche comics you can read but the art is good and it is usually found cheap enough to be a good flip through book. I picked up 10 issues at a con for $4.

Old City Blues - A group of detectives in the future tries to solve the murder of a robotics CEO. They get dragged into intrigue and a plot that is way above their heads as they dig into the older parts of the city, where people aren’t augmented with cybernetics. The first volume is available to read online.

Channel Zero - America has basically walled itself off from the rest of the world and the media does nothing but parrot out propaganda. The story loosely follows the main character as she hacks into television stations and starts a revolution in the process. This was highly rated when it first came out and the TPB was recently released.

The Resistance - A supervirus has decimated the population and a totalitarian regime has taken root in order to protect what remains. Machines patrol the streets, hunting unregistered humans. A hacker joins up with the resistance in order to strike back.


Radio program “Off the hook”
Trebalo bi da se strimuje program na WBAI-FM Live Radio Player svake srede u 7PM NY time



kakav rabbitholw :smiley: Ima jak CTF vibe

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kopirano sa sajta:

Kad smo kod bombardovanja, zadnja sveska iz takozvane serije “Sezamove sveske” (5 PDF fajlova koji su zapravo knjiga koju je objavio mpalacios sa Sezama, inače visoki zvaničnik španske ambasade 90ih i član Sezama) se bavi baš bombardovanjem i tim danima, porukama s Foruma i chatovanjima.
Komplet Sezamove sveske je fenomenalno putovanje kroz politička događanja 90ih (kroz naše poruke na forumu tada), i on ih je podelio u 5 delova:

  1. Vreme zabluda ('89-'91)
  2. Vreme beznađa ('91-'92)
  3. Vreme usamljenosti ('92-'94)
  4. Vreme poraza ('95)
  5. Nevreme ('96-'99)
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Imam da podelim odlicnu radio emisiju(danas zvano podcast), samo ljudi govore, nema naratora,

Ima raznih tema pa pogledajte sta vas zanima

Kako formatirati kernel kod da bude najčitljiviji:

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Pominjali smo da do ulaza u krov ne doseze wifi, ako zatreba eo par nacina, msm da je moguce isto sa laptopom…

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GraphineOS ti daje da hotspotujes dok si povezan na wifi tako da mozes samo da koristis telefon ko ripiter, radio vec dok nisam provuko kablove u sobu

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